is an entire gym in one tiny

but powerful package!

The instructional video below is of our 2015 model of the Multi-Gym but the

instruction also applies to our new 2016 model shown above.

We will update the video to show our 2016 model soon.

Don't hesistate to call or email with questions. 


Hydraulic Fitness Equipment for Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Home Exercise, Health Club Interval Circuit Classes, Senior Exercise, Sports & Athletic Training

Why spend an hour in the gym when you don't have to?

Just 15-minutes on our multi-gym will give you a full-body workout
that burns more calories than
running, swimming, aerobics, or working out on an elliptical or treadmill!

When you do aerobic type of exercise (cardio) at the same time
that you are applying resistance
to your major muscle groups (strengthen training)
you burn twice the amount of calories in half the time!
Hydraulic exercise is both cardio exercise and strength training at the same time. 
Our multi-gym exercises 6-different muscles groups for a total body workout!
No matter how fit or out of shape you are,
whether you are an athlete, a beginner, or a senior citizen,
this machine automatically adjusts
to your individual fitness level!
By matching your speed and strength with just the right amount of resistance.
Whether you are a beginner exerciser or an athlete
this is the one home exercise machine you will love using and keep forever!