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XL-Aerobic Platform price $357 
includes shipping anywhere in the 48-contiguous states. 
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Fast Fun Fitness offers only a few of our most popular products on our Jogging Squares website for customers that want gentle exercise equipment for in-home workouts. It's highly effective and affordable. 

If you need more than 1-unit of any of the products below, please contact us by email or phone before making a purchase. 

We also sell a full ine of hydraulic fitness and rehab equipment. Our AeroStrength Hydraulic Fitness Equipment is used for Sports Performance to increase explosive force, for Senior Strength Training, for fast weight loss results, and in health clubs around the world for circuit training. The most popular uses in gyms are for HIIT and VERT group exercise classes. To view our full line go to 

Jogging Square price $220
includes shipping anywhere in the 48-contiguous states.  To purchase over the phone call
The XL-Aerobic Platform is hand-manufactured in the USA and is
60-inches by 30-inches and weighs 22-pounds

Jogging Squares are manufactured in the USA and are
30-inches by 30-inches and weigh 11-pounds

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the AeroStrength

Multi-Gym 6-in-1+

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AeroStrength Hydraulic Fitness and Rehab machines are back by 45-years of manufacturing excellence.  Made in the USA and previously sold by companies like HydraFitness, HydraGym, and Quantum. AeroStrength was established in 2002 by Fast Fun Fitness LLC and is now in 48 countries. We have over 24 machines to choose from and offer a line specifically for sport performance. 
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AeroStrength Multi-Gym 6-in-1+

AeroStrength Multi-Gym 6-in-1+