Jogging Square Instruction Video
Having fun on the XL-Aerobic Platform

Donna Michaels-Surface, an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Fitness Specialist, former celebrity trainer, author and national champion body builder, demonstrates how to correctly use the Jogging Square.

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Below is a home video of a customer with her kids having fun on the Extra Large Aerobic Platform

The power walk in place can be used as a warm-up, cool down, or as the entire cardiovascular part of your workout.

Perform the power walk by walking-in-place and pumping your arms like you would if you were running. Keep you body more upright and do not push off like you would if you were traveling forward. 

Stay in the center of the board. DO NOT STEP OFF AND ON THE BOARD. The board is not designed for stepping off and back on exercising. 

To increase intensity you can carry light hand weights and wear ankle weights.

You can use the Power Walk to get your daily aerobic exercise to increase cardiovascular endurance. You can also use it as your warm-up or cool-down part of any other type of exercise routine. 

A fit person can also use the Power Walk as a "rest interval" in between "work intervals" to keep the heart rate from plummeting.  And for a less fit person it can be used to keep the blood flow and oxygen pumping while bringing the heart rate down.   

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Mini-Fitness Trampoline

ACSM Fitness Specialists, Donna Michaels-Surface, demonstrates how to use the mini fitness trampoline also called the Rebounder.  

How to Power Walk in Place
The Jog or Run in Place
Jogging or running in place on a cushioned jogging board is easier on your joints than running on any other type of surface.
The jog or run-in-place exercise is usually the aerobic or cardio part of a workout. 
To jog-in-place or run-in-place you will keep your body more upright than you would if you were traveling forward. You should step up and down in the same place instead of pushing off to travel forward.
Be sure to stay in the center of the board. You should never step off or jog off of the center of the board.
The board is NOT made for stepping off and on as you exercise. 
For a more fit person the jog or run in place exercise can be the the warm-up and cool-down part of their exercise. A more advanced exerciser can also add hand and ankle weights to increase intensity. This can also be the "rest" interval for the more fit person. 
For a less fit person or a beginner exerciser the jog-in-place can be the entire cardio or aerobic portion of their daily exercise routine. 
It is recommended that healthy adults do 1-hour of cardio exercise per day but even 10-minutes a day has proven to be beneficial. 
Our New Multi-Gym 6-in-1 just got easier! Scroll down for instructional video.

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The instructional video below is of our older model of the Multi-Gym but also applies to our new model shown above.

We will update the video to show our new model soon.

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