Dear Ms. Miller, My father received his AeroStrength Multi-Gym and loves it! As a senior age, 77, who suffers from Parkinsons, he finds it very difficult to leave the comfort of his home for exercise and activity, even with assistance. Although he is grateful for the assistance he views the need for it just another limitation. My father has always been a person that prided himself in his fitness and when he was no longer able to make it to a sports club for total gym workouts his quality of life declined.The Total Power Gym has renewed his sense of wellness by making it safe and comforable for him to workout. It also has restored a level of autonomy that was missing for him. I can't thank you enough for all your assistance in getting this life changing equipment to my father. Sincerely, Lawrence S.

My story is this. I joined Curves and love my daily getaway to the circuit. Recently, I decided to extend my workout and jog on one of their recovery boards for half an hour on the one day I had extra time to do so. I used to jog 5-miles a day years ago but had to stop when I developed heel spurs and platar fasciitis. I miss the high that jogging gave me and thought that one of your boards would be safe and fun, and OH HOW IT IS!  I look forward to many hours of safe jogging on one of your American-made jogging boards. Sincerely, Linda

I was working out at Curves but the drive was too far to go every day so I decided to get my own board so I could workout at home. I knew if I jog in place at home on the hard floors it would hurt my back and knees. Now that I have the board the cushion is just right and I've already started loosing weight. I watch TV while I am jogging and I can go for a full hour. Thank you! Kathy

If you would like to submit your story about your experience with our company and equipment please send it in an email to anita@fastfunfitness.com. We would love to hear from you.

Our local Curves club closed and I wanted to keep up with my workouts because I have felt so much better after starting at Curves. I have lost over 50-pounds and I've even gone off of high-blood pressure medication so I don't want to quit working out after all I've accomplished. I was so sad that our club closed own and many other ladies were too. I am glad I found your company because now I know I can keep up with my exercises. I love my new fit board and I will order one of those multi gyms as soon as I can. Thanks! Marjorie

Dear Fast Fun Fitness Company, My husband had a surgery and during physical rehab he used one of your machines. He felt so much stronger and didn't experience any pain during his workouts or afterward. We inquired where to buy this equipment so we could use it home and keep him going. The therapist gave us your phone number and the rest is history. We love the machine and look forward to better health for a long time. Mrs. Chaney 

Dear Fast Fun Fitness, "I am using my XL Platform now! And I love it!!!" Nati from Santa Monica, CA