Commercial Warranty

Your jogging squares and aerobic platforms are designed to stay in tack when used properly for up to 350-pounds of repetitive jogging in place. The feet on the bottom will condense with normal use over the first few months and then will stay at a cushioned height. All pads, top and bottom cushions, are warrantied for 6-months of normal use in a commercial setting. Non-Normal use includes picking them up or moving them by holding on to the bottom foam rubber squares, storing them at an angle by leaning them against a wall, storing them with objects on top of them, exposing them to outside weather conditions and extreme heat or cold. All sales are final except in the case of manufacturers defects. For storing properly contact us.

To clean both the wood and the cushion pad on top use only a mild, non-abrasive, and non-corrosive cleaner with no alcohol or oily residue. 


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The Jogging Square and XL Aerobic Platform have a dark gray top that stays looking clean, unlike curves or gerstung boards that are light gray and show dirt easily.